Tuesday, October 6, 2015

I won a spoon from the wonderful Lori McDaniel Anderson

I won an incredibly beautiful, hand hammered and embellished vintage spoon from
  Lori McDaniel Anderson --you can read all about it on her blog, which I have linked to through her name, above. 
She is known for her book, Bead Soup 
and for her extraordinarily popular Bead Soup Blog Parties! I have been a participant in at least five. 
I remember one when Lori herself sent me beads as I could not afford to participate otherwise. 
I loved that one the most! It shows exactly what sort of remarkable person Lori is.
 this spoon which I won today, has a hand hammered inscription, as you can see, created by her dear friend.
the talented Maire Dodd (see her blog here). It bears the words "inner peace".
 It also comes bound with beautiful rose quartz, which is the stone of love.
You can read more about it on Lori's blogs.

I cannot express how moved and grateful I am to have, surrounding me, terrific friends who are wonderful and supportive, like Lori. She and I go way back, at this point. She was the only person who came to me, when my son Robert died, and offered to share the contact information (funeral home, etc.) with our mutual friends on Facebook. That was a great source of consolation to me. It was very kind and brave of her to approach me and offer to do this for me.
And although I rarely discuss my own hidden illnesses (yes, I have more than one!), I am totally proud to now stand up and be counted among the group known as "the spoonies". 

Thank you dear Lori--you make my world a brighter place! You have a special gift and ability to bring love and light to everyone. You have always shared this amazing ability so generously with your friends. There are far too many of us who consider ourselves your friends to count, however we all love you VERY very very much!!! 
jean! xox

If you want to read more about Lori, 
here are all the places you can reach her and see why she is so special:

Lori says:

"I also opened a Facebook page just for Lemon Sugar Hold the Lyme, 
which can be found at

This blog [Pretty Things] will begin again its journey through books, beads, Zack, vintage goodies, and funny things. I'm not saying there won't be a sad post from time to time, but I'd like to make this place happy, and even the Lyme blog happy. I hope that it will grow, with your help, and become a place where people of like minds can commiserate, help each other, laugh, share stories and successes, and boost each other up. 

No more being alone. 
There's a place to go, and it's 

Monday, October 5, 2015

jean baldridge yates reviews Handcraft Wire Jewelry: Chains Clasps Pendants, by Kimberly Sciaraffa Berlin

A Glorious Journey into Fascinating and Beautiful Designs!

Handcraft Wire Jewelry is a bangup book for any jewelry designer! If you were not previously a total lover of the technique of wire wrapping in your jewelry making, after reading this excellent book by Kimberly Sciaraffa Berlin, you most definitely will be! The beauty and the quality of the author's designs are matched by her marvelous ability to show the reader how to create these designs. Via wonderful photos and clear explanations, you can tackle these designs, step by step, even if you are a beginner. And you will love this journey into fascinating and beautiful designs!
Kimberly Sciaraffa Berlin is a great teacher. More than that, she makes incredibly gorgeous jewelry. Some of the inspirations and influences for her, which she mentions in this book, Handcraft Wire Jewelry, come from ancient art, nature, and Alexander Calder. According to what I read in the book, she feels that Calder's jewelry creations "have inspired her to think and design without limit".
The reader will immediately grasp how the freedom of the author's philosophy imbues wonderful movement and life into her jewelry designs. They are exceptional.
There is a sense of joy which infuses every page of this book.
The thirty two designs offered afford the reader easy to understand starting points complete with beautiful finishing touches. These designs can also be broken down into components. These then can be interchanged to suit the reader's own taste. If you like one aspect of one of the designs, and you like another clasp taught elsewhere in the book, for example, it is easy to alter the projects to make each of them your very own. As the author states in her introduction, "These projects are a jumping off place for your creativity and offer you the opportunity to personalize all of your pieces". She also suggests that the reader "use the gallery of more ideas following each project for inspiration to adapt and modify any of the projects". When you make jewelry,a concept like this is very freeing. It will give you countless ways of changing your style, once you learn the basics taught here.

Handcraft Wire Jewelry opens with the author's introduction and proceeds to cover the materials, beads and tools you will need for wire work. Then there is a section called "basics" which is an excellent primer for the neophyte wire worker. I thought this was very complete and well done. I love her tips! Also, as was previously stated, the photographs in this book are excellent. They are not only stunning, they help immensely when the intent is to teach. You can really see what you need to do because of the step out photos.

The projects themselves are really exceptional. If you like wire, and love the look of antiquity, you will find some projects that will particularly resonate with you. The "beaded double spiral chain" is one I noted that would have looked as grand on an ancient princess as it will look on you. It is flat out gorgeous, combining spiraled wire with jump rings and 8mm donut shaped disk beads in royal purple. I loved the additional ideas for this chain, which include a pendant you will flip for, and a complete change in look when the wire is switched from silver to copper, and moody chalcedony replaces the beads. There is also a bracelet shown made using the same principles, which showcases the spirals in a double chain flanking black crystals, which is stunning. In conjunction with this project, you also learn how to make a spiral beaded clasp, and a double connector clasp with a spiral hook (very suitable, as is suggested, for the bracelet described earlier).

If you are into a more modern look, try the "front drilled onyx circle pendant". As the author says, "I wanted to replicate the round shape of the large onyx bead in the round chain link". This lovely link necklace is quite streamlined. It would look pretty on you as you browse among the art galleries in downtown New York.
Any of the jewelry you make from Handcraft Wire Jewelry will take you anywhere. I particularly liked one of the extra ideas offered to go along with the round chain. The author uses a top drilled piece of unpolished kyanite, a stone I am very fond of for its lovely blue tones. She adds lampworked beads in two different hues of green to make this necklace sing of the forest and its wildness. It is so pretty!

When you love hearts, but you don't want "cute", head over to the very hip "heart's fancy woven bead drop" project. It is influenced by the heart shape, especially where the pendant and the chain meet, as well as in the wonderful heart clasp. However there is no overwhelming overload concerning the heart theme going on here. It is by far one of the coolest heart necklaces I have ever seen. And yes, there is February's birthstone, the amethyst, featured in the jawdroppingly beautiful pendant and in the stunning chain too. Be your own Valentine and make this for yourself! I love it and so will you!

To teach yourself further technique in a really worthwhile way, try the "top drilled no frame pendant". As the author says, "Just about any top-drilled bead works well with this project". As it is a wonderful project with a gorgeous result, your time will be well spent. I was transported by the manner in which the wire is coiled and woven to reflect the earthy beauty of the stone pendant which was chosen for this project. Once you teach yourself how to make this pendant, you will be inspired by the selection of stones shown as alternate ideas to make this curvy, woven, spiraled pendant over and over again. This is an outstanding design you will adore if your taste leans toward the unique and beautiful.

At the end of the book, the reader is offered a section on advanced wireweaving techniques. I really appreciated the further insight I was able to get from this section. I also liked the weaving tips and the notes on creating patterns.

Handcraft Wire Jewelry: Chains Clasps Pendants, by Kimberly Sciaraffa Berlin fairly hums with delightful beauty. Share in the positive energy and make sure you don't miss this treasure of a jewelry design book!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Beadbloggers and a photo of a Blythe doll by jean

For years I was very lucky to have a beading magazine editor (and friend) who liked my collection 
of Blythes. I would write my column for her, and include photos of Blythes modeling my jewelry as well. Here is Fiona, a stock Princess Q-Pot, wearing some earrings I made just for 
Kelly at Australian Beading Magazine! The fun thing about Blythes is that unlike other dolls, they can wear human scale earrings and look fab!--jean 


Wednesday, September 30, 2015

What Jean's been doing, Kim Miles and Portland Fashion Week

Having mastered the art of Origami, I have moved on for now. Right!
So lately,
I note this week that
1) The Blood Moon has since passed. I thought about going outside to look at the eclipse, but then I said, "Nah".
After all, I read that this sort of eclipse happens every 24 years or so. Therefore, I will catch it the next time it rolls around. Be there or be square! I'll see you then!
2) I read that they found water on Mars,
3) I then thought, "I wonder if the fact that they found water on Mars is going to screw up the premiere Friday of 'The Martian' with my fave actor, Matt Damon?"

 When you are me, you keep your priorities straight at all times.

4) Then I thought about my friend Kim Miles.
Here is a photo of gorgeous Kim Miles and her hunky husband Rick which I snagged from her blog.
Clearly, they are having a miserable time: #IncrediblyGoodLookingCouple #ClearlyHavingAGreatTime#TrueLoveInPortland

If you read Kim's blog, Positively Vegan, you can catch up on all sorts of things which are fascinating to read about. You can read about really delicious food, and find out about Kim's
Mostly Mandalas website (Kim offers lovely mandalas for you to color).
Right now there is more exciting news, directly from Kim, on the fashion front, as well!
Kim is covering Portland's Fashion Week as it is taking place. Keep an eye on her blog!
As a person from New York, which also has a little Fashion Week of its own, I am very interested in Portland's Fashion Week. I shall be reading Kim's blog regularly and wondering if my style is more like Portland style than NY style, I love New York, but it very well may be that I am more of a Portland fashionista. I can't decide yet, but it is great fun to look, and try and figure it out! I am so glad to learn about it from Kim!

I remember well when Kim's passion was directed toward lamp work beads. Here is a necklace I designed, which I still have, with a Kim Miles' focal bead (and two side accent beads),  I designed this for a book.
It actually went on tour around the country with the book publishers reps, as they were showing the book. I was happy when it came home to me, once again.
If you have ever had a Kim Miles' focal, you rarely want to let it go, for long.
This necklace has a sterling silver double chain with a leaf box clasp, Swarovski Crystal Elements in Emerald AB, grape colored faceted CZ rounds, tiny lime colored CZ rounds, Hill Tribe silver strawberries, berries, and bells, and a beautiful focal by Kim Miles , The focal has a green core on clear, and a flower on the front and on the back. The front facing flower is absolutely stunning with a clear CZ plunged and embedded in it, Scrolls of black accent the the green and violet of the focal. Very fancy and very jingly when you dance.
Here is a closer view of the focal by Kim Miles:
A lot of people were heartbroken when Kim moved on to different interests after years making her ground breaking, transporting beads. I wasn't, because I understood, a bit, where her head was at.
It also helped a LOT that I have, and treasure, a carload of her most beautiful beads. Owning these and cherishing each one helped me through this time of transition.
Kim, a dedicated "beadist"<--her word--did it all in her artistic exploration of every aspect and every nuance of bead making during the time she was creating beads. She was always a leader in the field. She made countless styles of beads. All of them were gorgeous.  She designed each one from her own unique ideas. A look back at her different styles is  mindboggling.

Then Kim decided to change course. She is now a certified Vegan Chef, and is a Vegan Ambassador,
She has had great success in the pursuit of her passion to make the world a healthier and better place by exploring and writing about being Vegan,
I have been thrilled once more by Kim. She doesn't know how positively she has affected my eating habits, from way out there in Portland. However she has and continues to.
Here is to Kim Miles, a really awesome woman and a very amazing person in every way.
Lots of love and hugs to you and Rick, Kim!
Positively Vegan
Taking the Long Way Home
Beadist Gallery


Friday, September 25, 2015

Beadbloggers and photos by jean of her Blythes wearing darling new flouncy dresses by The Crafty Princess, Tammy Powley

Three of my fave girls are modeling crocheted dresses by Tammy Powley today. I knew they would  look SO cute in these flouncy, flirty dresses, complete with appliques, a headband and two adorable crocheted barrettes (they are in there--just not easy to see in this photo!) that I had to drop everything and photo them as soon as I received them from Tammy.Thank you Tammy, you are amazingly talented! We love these and think you should make tons and tons for all the Blythe fans out there. As you know we can never get enough cool clothes for our girls!!! 
Pictured: left to right:
Regina by Moon Rouge (a custom Fancy Pansy BL with a Licca Body)
Liath by Zaloa's Studio (a custom Cinnamon Girl BL) 
Riski, by Cindy Sowers (a custom FBL)
Thank you again, Tammy, we love these!!!--jean xox

collage "Ask me to dance, please!"


Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Jean learns origami and conquers the crane, sort of, and The Ruse is playing in Asia with Muse

Hi everyone!
I decided to celebrate my kid's band, The Ruse,  playing over in Asia. He is there right now!

Cool poster, si? If you love The Ruse, they have a new album out, too. It is wonderful!  It is called "Interstellar Stowaway", and is available on iTunes: http://tinyurl.com/stellaruse

As all this put me in an Asian state of mind, I decided to dazzle you with some origami.
Here is a cool link from PBS concerning the history of origami.

I also wish to credit this fantastic website: Paper Kawaii, for my inspiration. I came upon it and was blown away with delight. I would like to thank Paper Kawaii also for the lovely free downloadable origami paper, designed by Paper Crystal. It can be found right on the Paper Kawaii site! The designs are great.

Now I would like to confess here that the only thing I have ever made using the art of origami is a paper cup, when I was 6 years old. Oh yeah, and I also made that "navy battleship" hat out of newspaper which everyone and his brother makes. It is kind of like the paper cup only pointy on top, and you wear it.
Hands up if you are wearing yours now as you are reading this! Extra points if you are drinking out of your origami paper cup, too!

However, today I had a dream. After all I have eight billion free printers, thanks to my reviewing for Amazon, so I was set to print out the paper I found on Paper Kawaii. Paper Kawaii is in not in any way affiliated with me, PS. I am sure, after seeing my origami, that Paper Kawaii (which I thoroughly recommend)  is glad about that! Anyway here goes:

I got 12 print offs, each different (very pretty! here is a shot of some of them), plus a single print off I used for my first try, when I deludedly thought that, as everyone else seems to be able to make beautiful origami squirrels, elephants, cockatoos, and even houses to live in,

 it was going to be easy. (pic credit: www.news.com.au )

It would have BEEN easy if I had tried one of the beginner patterns suggested, however I was  eager to try the very famous, much photographed and greatly beloved crane.
Remember that guy in that detective movie who left little cranes all over the place as a sign he had been there? Very cool. What movie was that? It is eluding me, possibly because it is around thirty years old at least...was it Bladerunner?
How annoying, it was Bladerunner, but it wasn't a crane. It was a CHICKEN. Oh well,  I always wanted to make a chicken, next.

 How about the gum ad with the father and the daughter and ALL THE GUM they chewed together through the years, with the dad always making cranes for the daughter from  all those gum wrappers?
And she saves the little cranes for years and years until she goes to college?  Improbable but so cute.

It doesn't hurt that the dad looks like Liam Neeson. It is the little things, isn't it?
--good grief, they actually say those exact words at the end of the commercial.

Anyway,  I love the crane and wanted to learn it.

So, I tried.
Here is my first attempt:
do you notice anything wrong with this?
By the way, this is not the fault of my online teachers, who are excellent

I have titled this "Flappy Heads Home by jean baldridge yates". Flappy is the name of the crane and he is heading home, and I made him, so that is the origin of the title,

I don't give up easily. I made some more tea and chose another piece of paper.
I followed the directions as carefully as I did the first time

I titled this,"Flappy is saying to Zippy, 'Follow me!' by jean baldridge yates "  and yes, isn't it awkward when you have to use a second set of quotation marks with a first set of quotation marks? Note how I did it, however. I am usually right on grammar stuff.
So. To sum up: what you are looking at is two of the same thing. I did the same thing the second time that I did the first time. They are just arranged a different way on the board to look different. Zippy actually sucks as much as Flappy.

The problem was that I could not seem to grasp how to get these cranes' heads to be positioned between their wings.

This problem was frustrating, admittedly but for a "pro artist and designer" like me, nothing I couldn't handle, emotionally. On a scale of one to ten, it was like a 4 or so. Maybe a 5.

What to do but to try again,

Voila! The olive flowered crane (whose name actually is "Voila"), although a bit bent out of shape, is in fact correctly folded (for the most part--her actual head is kind of grade B).

I call these pics " 'The Birds', fig one, and 'Straighten Up and Fly Right, Flappy, Zippy and Voila!', by jean baldridge yates".
I know Alfred Hitchcock already used the title "The Birds", but what the heck, no one remembers that movie anyway.

Thanks for reading! Time to fold some more cranes! I have lot and lots of paper left!


Note: I truly do whole heartedly recommend the website I cited above, Paper Kawaii . It is fantastic if you love origami! Tons and tons of great projects and a lovely, cheery vibe!

and if you haven't heard The Ruse yet, you have got to hear them. They are amazing!

The Ruse in Thailand with Muse

Thursday, September 17, 2015

a leather and bead necklace by jean

I made this pretty necklace today. It was so easy to make; just sliding knots on leather cord, with a lovely ceramic bead by Joan Tucker!
Note: Joan can be found here as well as here  for poetry.

I enjoy working with knots. I also like putting fun combinations of materials together and seeing what happens. It is like working with a chemistry set when you are a kid, except making a knotted cord necklace is not quite as dramatic as nearly blowing up the family basement. Yes, of course we did that!
These two beads I used clearly liked each other. I think it is because the crystal by Swarovski is a copper shadow color. It isn't that evident in the photos, which I took late in the afternoon (hey guys! That is when the light is worst! Of course I take my photos then!!!). However, in real, the crystal definitely flatters the awesome dust brown tone in the coin by Joan.
Dear Joan, where is your website these days? I would love to update the link I have on here for you. Thanks!

I was so interested in making a collage that would do justice to this simple but lovely necklace that I spelled Baldridge wrong in the signature. "Accept no substitutes!"

Hah! My cousins should get a kick out of that: that is the way they spell their name for real!

I hope you like the necklace!


Wednesday, September 16, 2015

review by Jean Baldridge Yates of 'Tis the Season to Be Felt-y: Over 40 Handmade Holiday Decorations, by Kathy Sheldon with Amanda Carestio

If you are looking forward to the holiday season, and you love crafts, you are going to adore this book, 'Tis the Season to Be Felt-y: Over 40 Handmade Holiday Decorations, by Kathy Sheldon with Amanda Carestio.
With super pretty color photos and clear directions, 'Tis the Season is tons of fun. The 40 plus holiday themed projects are well designed by top names in the crafting field. Each one will inspire the reader to try her hand at creating with felt! And it will be worth it, as the decorations you can make are lively, colorful and packed full of festive charm.
Felt is one of the easiest materials a crafter can work with.
Additionally, the instructions for the projects are a snap to follow.
There are plenty of templates at the back of the book the reader will find very useful as well.
The materials and tools needed to craft the decorations offered are inexpensive and easy to obtain. You may have a lot of what you need already at home.
You are going to want to embrace the appeal of crafting with felt when you look at any and all of the projects.
Get ready, get set, and dive in!
Check out the "Clove-Filled Orange Ornaments" designed by Mollie Johanson. What a clever and pretty take on the traditional pomander ball. Filled with the sent of cloves, these pretty oranges made of felt and trimmed with green ribbons would be a delightful teacher's gift.
Aimee Ray's "Felt Light Up Village" is wonderful, if you want to set a mood as you look forward to this magical season. Her enchanting felt houses will require some simple embroidered embellishing. You will be rewarded for your efforts with a little village, hand made by you, which you can arrange in all sorts of sweet and funky ways as you herald the approach of Christmas.
Another project I liked is the very hip "Bird Mobile", designed by Jennifer Jessee. With green felt balls, cheery felt snowflakes and the cutest felt bird this side of the North Pole, you have yourself a mobile to love all winter through, not just during the holiday season.
The "Joy to the World Garland" by author Kathy Sheldon is, according to her, "so simple that, if you help cut out the letters(or purchase stick-on felt letters), kids can make it!" It is a lovely large banner that just bursts with the excitement of this festive time of year. Really fun!
One of my special favorites is the "Rustic Reindeer" by Suzie Millions. This little free standing reindeer decoration touched my heart and made me smile. He is created by you of different tones of orange felt, with white felt. He has twig antlers and twig legs. When this reindeer peeks out at you, you will melt. This is the project I want to try first. He is guaranteed to delight my grandchildren and family.
There is lots more to make and to love, from tree skirts with bunnies, to felt poinsettia wreaths, to partridges and pear trees! There is even a gingerbread house tissue box cover!
Tis the Season to Be Felty is the successor to Fa la la la Felt: 45 Handmade Holiday Decorations! by the same authors. Many of the same designers have contributed to this lovely and fun book.
I have never been so excited for the holidays to come since I was a kid. Hand made decorations make for irreplaceable happy memories.

I was glad to note that the seasonal cheer offered by the projects in 'Tis the Season to Be Felt-y is primarily non-denominational. It is great that we all can get in the spirit!
Join in the fun with 'Tis the Season to Be Felty. Celebrate the wonders of creating with felt! You truly can do this. What is more, you will have a total blast doing it! Lovely craft book!

available at Barnes & Noble and other fine stores

Note: I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Working the Five Wrap Bracelet by jean baldridge yates

These photos were taken at night. This is not the way I like to take photos but I was happy when I finished this project, so I thought, "What the heck!" --jean

This five wrap bracelet, which I call "Bring It On, Fall!", was an eye opener for me as far as technique and planning, Having made only one five wrap, previously, I thought I would try again, this time with my own palette. I chose this palette guided by advice on colors expertly and generously offered by Lacey at Beadshop . I had some residuals from my book, Links. I wanted to make some jewelry using my jewelry book money. I wrote Beadshop using their online form and explained what I wanted.

It turns out that right now, Beadshop is holding a challenge.   The inspiration of Autumn is an integral part of the challenge, As you can see below, from this picture I took from the Beadshop site (thanks Beadshop, hope you don't mind), the colors we see expressed in an Autumn palette are a panoply of all sorts of startlingly beautiful reds, sensual purples, brilliant yellows, lush golds,sky blues,earthy browns and more. Yeah, more! Fall is cool!

And look at all those gorgeous bracelets! Nice!!! I want to learn to make them all!

Anyway,  I returned to Beadshop after reading the book I recently reviewed on wrap bracelets, DIY Wrap Bracelets, here.. I like the hip and casual look. I wanted to make another five wrap. I chose Beadshop for help because as far as I am concerned they are THE place to go if you are into the leather and woven bracelet look, They have all the materials and all the knowledge.
I went there and rewatched their tutorial on herringbone wrap bracelets. It is in video form and is available at the site, as well as on their channel on YouTube. Their channel is excellent and worth checking out.

Fall does such wild things to jewelry designers.

It makes you want to stop paddling and disembark from your kayak. Instead of hooting and hollering as you shoot the rapids in your bikini and life vest, you want to start crafting.
It makes you want put down your bow and arrow and come in from the forest. Instead of hunting in deep silence with piercing eyes, all seeing,  you just want to curl up in your soft greige cashmere sweats and your slouchy socks. Light a fire in your Victorian fireplace,  and start crafting.

Ah, Fall, It makes you want to "reflect on stuff" as the sun sets before you in a swooning blaze, coloring your world while you listen to old rock and roll songs, and start crafting,

I wanted an edgy look for this bracelet, after having made a very pretty but non edgy bracelet previously.

I chose brown, currant, nutmeg and latte for my Chinese Cord to weave with.
The gemstones I chose are Garnets (two types: one seems to be Hessonite. It is more of a whiskey color), Citrines, and Pyrite plated in Copper.
I chose dark red for my KO thread, and dark chocolate for my Greek leather.
I chose a brass colored button.

Note that you can make a bracelet using Czech beads, replacing the gemstones, and lower the price, It will be equally pretty. I used two strands of those, one flashing pinks and one flashing yellows, in my first bracelet.  That one also had white faceted Jade and Peridot. See here.

The KO thread you lash the beads on with will fit, doubled, through the tiniest beads, However it isn't always easy. I swear a lot when I am threading the littlest beads, I feel incredible triumph when I get them on the thread. You have to keep trying when you make these bracelets. Sometimes you have to give up on a particular stone and try another from the strand you are working with. Weird but true; it works.
You do have some frustration, as I mention, but the general feeling which making these bracelets primarily evokes is a very peaceful and relaxing one.

Here are some of the essentials you need in order to make a five wrap bracelet:

Intention, resolution and a love of this style of bracelet to gear you up
Time (a weekend)
Organizational skills (just for the moment, but you gotta be prepared to have them for the duress)
Sharp snips
A bead board (don't even think about doing this without one)
A Threadburner (ditto)
A playlist (music!!!) for when you are not referring to the video
and a Zen-like Patience. You will know when you get it, even if you never had it before.

As Fate and Destiny would have it,
my bracelet contains the birthstones of my son Robert and my father Robert.
They are two heroes of mine.
I had not planned to make a birthstone bracelet...it was a beautiful serendipitous gift and a total surprise, I am so happy about this.

If you plan to sell these bracelets, good luck parting with them once you have made them. There is something about them which is far more personal than most of the jewelry I make, I know.
Is it in the stars for me to sell my own versions of 5 wrap bracelets,if and when I make more?
I don't know. Making this one  and my previous one have however inspired me to look at the world of wrap bracelets from an inside point of view. I say to myself now, "I really love making this kind of jewelry!"

I bought all my materials from Beadshop during a recent sale. Get on their subscription mailing list and look for their sales!  

photo credit: 
 this site